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Automatic Credit Card Fees

This FAQ will go over how to set up automatic credit card fees. Note that fees will not apply to transactions that are already posted.

Enabling A Default Credit Card Fee

To enable this, go to System > Company Preferences > Sales

Creating A Credit Card Fee

These values come from the list of standard discounts/markups that are set up in System > Company Preferences > Setup

To create a CC markup, enter a negative discount as shown below.

Receive Payments

This makes it so that when you pay a single invoice by credit card via the “Receive Payments” popup before it is posted, the CC Fee is automatically calculated and added to the “Other” field on the invoice. The credit card fee displayed in the receive payment screen is not editable.

If there is a dollar amount other than zero in the “Other” field when you “Receive Payment” via credit card, it will display this message.

Exempting A Customer From CC Fees

If a customer is exempt from CC fees, then go to the customer’s detail tab and check the “CC Fee Exempt” box.

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