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Coil Assignment Tool

When utilizing coil lot tracking, the coil assignment tool allows for lot IDs to be linked to builds prior to the builds being marked completed. It is most often used at a slitter to assign lots the trim builds as the blanks are cut out.

The coil assignment tool is a web page, and it is best to access it via Google Chrome.

Start by choosing an operator, then scan in the lot ID.

After the lot ID is scanned, the production labels for builds produced from that coil can be scanned in to be linked to it.

Scan all of the production labels that were produced from the coil, then simply scan the next coil tag to choose that coil and continue scanning production labels from the new coil. This tool also allows the scanned coil/lot to be depleted or reprinted.

  • Deplete Lot – Marks the coil as depleted and causes it to show up in the Lot Depletion form in Paradigm. This should be used when the coil has been entirely used.
  • Print Coil Tag – Prints out the coil tag. Paragon will need to assist with setting up the label and the print process.

Lot Scan Errors

If a build is scanned in, and the coil that is selected was not assigned to that build, the following error will appear: Selected coil not used in scanned build. A common cause of this error is the coil being a different material than what is required by the build.

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