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Customer Portal: Create Pickup Trip

This FAQ will go over how to create a pickup trip from the Customer Portal. It is used to schedule a time to pick up one or more orders. This is controlled by a permission on the customer’s account, more information on that can be found here: Customer Portal: Create Customer Web Logins

To start, click on “Orders”.

Click on the arrow beside “Pickup” and click “Create Pickup”.

Then select pickup time, choose the orders to be picked up, and click “Finalize”.

Orders can only be selected if they are released. If a selected order is released, but not yet manufactured, a warning will appearing: There is still uncompleted Manufacturing for this order.

Once the order is finalized, a “View Barcode” and “Complete” button will appear. An email with the barcode will be sent to the customer’s login username, if it is an email address login username. An email is also sent to the salesperson once the order is started to be shipped in Fulfillment and a task is assigned to the salesperson as well.

  • View Barcode – Displays the barcode for the loading crew to scan to find the order they need.
  • Complete – Completes the pickup request so that a new one can be created.

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