Updating Inventory

This FAQ will go over how to update existing inventory, which is currently only available in P9.

  • First, use the Export feature to get the existing information out of Paradigm. Make the changes to the data using Excel and save the file somewhere that is accessible by Paradigm.
    • Remove any lines that are unchanged to speed up and simplify the import.
  • Then go to System > Inventory/Export
  • Select “Import”
  • Select “Inventory”
  • Specify the file format for the data and the row that contains column headers.
  • Specify the file directory for the data and select ‘Update Existing Inventory Only’.
  • After clicking ‘Next’, Paradigm will map the fields from the data to fields in the inventory table. After it has mapped the fields, scroll through the mapping and make sure that all of the fields that are being changed are mapped to the correct field. (Inventory Column Names). Note that the column “strProductID” must be mapped every time on this table.
  • Clicking ‘Finish’ will update the items specified. If any items fail, it will be counted as skipped and the number of skipped items will be shown on the pop up once the import is complete.

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