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Order Entry Keyboard Shortcuts and Tips

Key Board Shortcuts For Order Entry

Search All

To open the drop down when in in the transaction detail, customer, or vendor fields press ‘F6’ key. This will put the cursor in the “Search All” field.

Quick Return

When entering items in an order where the item only needs a quantity ordered, press the ‘Page Down’ key to jump down to the next entry instead of tabbing through the whole line.

Use the ‘Page Up’ key to jump back up to the last Item ID.

Home and End

To get to the first item in an order press ‘Ctrl+Home.’

To get to the blank space at the end of the order, press ‘Ctrl+End.’

Edit Item Descriptions

When tabbing through an order detail line to edit a description, tab to the description field and press “F2” to place the cursor at the end of the text rather than having all the text selected.

Changing Bundle Warehouse

Selecting a new warehouse for a bundle will change the warehouse for all items in the bundle.

Record Selector Deletion

To remove all or a large number of the records from an order, select the check boxes of the records to be deleted.

Then press the ‘Delete’ key and Paradigm will remove all of the items that have been selected.

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