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Collect Customer Signatures

Paradigm can collect signatures on many different forms, including invoices, prepayments, and point of sale. This is usually done by clicking a “Get Signature” button. Once that is selected, the customer can then write their signature on the signature pad and it will show up in Paradigm. Signatures can also be edited, even after the transaction was posted. Info on which signature pads work with Paradigm and how to set them up can be found in this FAQ: Installing Topaz Signature Pad. Info on requiring customer signatures can be found here: Require A Signature For A Customer

When a customer is signing, there will be three buttons displayed. Clicking “Clear” will clear the signature that was written. “Accept” will save the signature and “Cancel” will close the signature form without saving the signature.

When collecting a customers signature, the name of the person signing can be typed in as well, since signatures can be difficult to read.

Prompt for Signature

There is also the option to prompt for a signature whenever a payment is received on orders, prepayments, invoices, and receivables. On orders, the signature is just stored on the generated prepayment.

The setting to enable this can be found by going to System > Local Settings

If this setting is enabled, a “Get Signature” pop up will appear after a payment is received. If a signature is already on file for that transaction, there will be no prompt.

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