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Columns for Order Detail

This FAQ will go over the available detail columns in the order form.

  • ID – Line ID number
  • Line Item Options (Folder Icon) – Opens the line item options screen
  • Type – Line type: Item, G/L, Comment, or Bundle
  • Item/GL ID – Product ID or GL ID
  • Pcs Ord – Pieces Ordered
  • Feet
  • Inches
    • Feet and Inches are typically only editable on linear items.
  • Unit of Measure
  • Qty Ord – Quantity ordered is pieces ordered x linear feet. If the unit of measure isn’t linear, quantity ordered is just pieces ordered.
  • Description – The description of the product entered, comment text, or the name of the bundle.
  • Manu – Indicates whether not the item is to be manufactured.
  • Warehouse – The warehouse that the item is coming from.
  • Color
  • Discount – A percentage can be entered here to give a discount for that line item.
  • Tax – Taxable = 1, Non-Taxable = 0
  • Sales Price – The sales price for one of the selected unit of measure.
  • Set Price – This is checked automatically if the price or discount is manually changed. Uncheck this box to revert to default pricing.
  • Total – Qty Ordered * Sales Price * (1-(Discount/100))
  • Cust. Price – The unit price for that customer, inclusive of any discounts entered on the line.
  • Additional Info – Notes from the additional info field on the item
  • Attachments
  • Comment – This is specific to that line on the transaction and always starts blank. It can be used to pass a note to production, or for a “Use” note for the builder material list.
  • Weight – Weight of the item
  • Price Disc – Shows how much the line item price is discounted from the standard inventory list price.
  • Qty Avail. – Quantity Available
  • Qty In Stock – Quantity In Stock. This is the item’s current stock, not the stock as of the time of entry.
  • Margin – Current margin percentage.
  • Margin 2 – Current margin percentage based on the item’s current Standard Cost 2.
  • Status Icon and Status – Row Statuses on Order Detail
  • Create PO – Select this check box to create a PO for that item once the order is released.
  • Cost – The standard cost of the product at time of order entry, typically. For posted transactions, it will be updated to the actual posted cost for that line.
  • Cost2 – The current standard cost 2 from the item.
  • Job Class and Job Phase – Used to separate materials being used for WIP jobs
  • Transfers – for lines that need to be transferred from another warehouse, indicates if that transfer has been completed.
  • Pulled By – The user that pulled the line.
  • Units Buildable
  • Markup – Current percent of markup.
  • Quantity – Unit of measure quantity.
  • Cnt ID – The unique identifier for the line in the database.
  • Build ID – This column applies to manufactured items, and is the inventory build ID generated to produce the item.
  • Qty Ship – Quantity Shipped
  • Department

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