Customer Contacts

Customer contacts can be set up to record the contact at the customer who placed an order. Customer accounts can be set to require a contact before an order can be released, and can even be set so that a password must be entered when a contact is applied to a quote, order, or invoice.

Creating Customer Contacts

There are a couple different ways to create a customer contact by opening a customer. The first option is to go to the ‘General’ tab, and select “Create Customer Contact”

Another option is to go to the ‘Contacts’ tab, and select “Add Contact”.

The third option is to click the ‘Customer Contact’ link on either the quote, order, or invoice screen. If a contact has been selected, that contact will be opened in edit mode, but if no contact has been selected a new contact will be created.

Filling out Customer Info

In the contact creation screen, specify the first and last name, address, and any contact methods needed. The priority field can be used for reporting purposes but is not required to be populated. The list of fields in the middle of the form (Site, Title, Dept, Type, Source) can be used to further classify the contact, but are not required. Note that the address information can be copied from the customer by clicking the ‘Copy Customer Info’ button at the top of the form.

Password Requirements

In the customer detail tab, in the Requirements/Limits section, contacts can be set as not required, required, or required with a password.

If ‘Required with Password’ is selected, click the save button and then go into edit mode again. Then field will appear at the bottom of the contact creation form where that contact’s password can be specified.

This password will need to be entered when the contact is applied to any transaction. Only users with access to edit the customer detail can view or edit passwords.

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