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Customer Portal: Adding Subaccounts

This FAQ will go over how a customer would add subaccounts through the Customer Portal. A subaccount is another login that can be used to access the customers account. Additional subaccounts do not increase the subscription cost, billing is based on customer ID, not logins.

Do note that in order to do this, the customer admin must have the subaccounts permissions granted. Permissions on the sub account will be the same or less than the customer admin. More information on permissions for a customer admin can be found here: Customer Portal: Create Customer Web Logins

To start, click on the drop down in the top right corner and click “Edit Subaccount”.

Fill in the subaccount information in the fields at the top and click on the “Details” button to set the password and edit the permissions. Once those are filled in, click “Save User” to add it to the list.

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