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Customer Portal: Payments

This FAQ will go over how to make and view previous payments in Customer Portal. This is only usable if the company has the EBiz integration, more information on that can be found here: EbizCharge Credit Card Processing Integration

To start, click on “Payments” and select one of the options from the drop down.

Pay Invoices

To make a payment for an invoice, select the check boxes on the right and click “Pay Now”. Invoices will be highlighted in yellow if the discount date is expiring within seven days, red if it is past the invoice due date.

The list below will be shown. Confirm that these are the invoices to be paid and click “Pay Now”

This will take the customer to the credit card payment processing screen.

Partial Payments

To make a partial payment, select “Partial Payments” and enter the amount to pay for each invoice. Then click “Pay Now” and follow the rest of the steps in the section above.

Previous Payments

This screen shows a list of the receivables for the customer.

Clicking “Select” will show all the invoices and prepayments for that receivable.

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