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Import Lines Into A Transaction

Transaction detail lines can imported by clicking on the “Import File” button in the header on a transaction.

From here, choose the file and the settings for the import.

  1. Choose the file by clicking the folder icon, or paste date in the field below. The import file used must be saved as a CSV, XLS, or XLSX. The default file path will be the file that the user last imported.
  2. Import Descriptions – Select this to import the descriptions. If left unchecked, it will use the descriptions from Paradigm. Descriptions for bundles will always be imported, but if the description is blank in the file, the description from Paradigm will be used.
  3. Imports the file.
Import Format (Fields Marked with an Asterisk will be Imported)

The headers (header names in parentheses) are only required for the columns on an XLSX import. The columns can be in any order.

  • *Product ID (ProductID)
  • *Description (Description)
  • *Ft (LinearMeasurement1)
  • *In (LinearMeasurement2)
  • *Quantity (PcsOrdered)
  • *Comment (Comment)
  • Notes (Notes)
  • Description 2 (BaseDescription)
  • *Sales Price (SalesPrice)
  • *Cost (Cost)
  • *Color (Color)

All the columns after comment are optional, so the file data can be stopped at any column after that.

XLS Example
XLSX Example
CSV Example

WSH3644,window,”3’x3′ 8″””,0,1,opening

FJBZ,F&J,”10′ 2″”x0′ 2″””,0,25,Connect Soffit to Wall ( F&J Exterior)



Item Import Errors
Invalid Discontinued Items

If an item with an invalid product ID or a discontinued item is imported, it will appear on the transactions as a comment line.

Under Minimum Length Item

If an item is imported with a length under the minimum, it will appear on the transaction as a comment.

Import Above

If the transaction lines getting imported are to be at a certain place on the transaction, click the folder icon on the item they need to go above, and select “Import Above”.

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