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Importing A List of Orders

This FAQ will go over how to import a full order or list of orders from the order or quote list in P10.

Excel Import File Format

For the order import, it must be an excel file and the first line for the order must be a row that has a line type of H and then followed by the rest of the header information. Then on the rows below that, the details lines can be entered with the line type “D” with the headers for that on the right, like the example below. Once another header line is entered, the detail lines following that will go to that order.

Once that has been filled out, save and close the excel file and click button highlighted below at the top of the quote or order list.

Choose the excel file and click “open”, which will import the file. Once the file is imported, the orders that were created will open. The imported orders can be looked through by using the record selector arrows in the bottom left.

Header Columns

The following Order Header fields are supported (Columns that are not required do not need to be entered in the file. Columns that have an asterisk on their description mean that if that column is excluded in the file, default values from the customer will be used.)

Header Column Type: Header Column NameDescription
string: LineTypeRequired – value must be H
string: StrCustomerID Required – It must match an existing Paradigm customer ID.
DateTime: DtmDate Date of Order
string: StrCustomerPO Customer PO Number
string: StrBillToCompany Bill To Company Name*
string: StrBillToAttention Bill To Attention*
string: StrBillToSalutation Bill To Salutation*
string: StrBillToCareOf Bill To Care Of*
string: StrBillToFirstName Bill To First Name*
string: StrBillToLastName Bill To Last Name*
string: StrBillToAddress Bill To Address*
string: StrBillToCounty Bill To County*
string: StrBillToCity Bill To City*
string: StrBillToState Bill To State*
string: StrBillToZip Bill To Zip*
string: StrBillToCountry Bill To Country*
string: StrBillToContactName Bill To Contact Name*
string: StrBillToPhoneNumber Bill To Phone Number*
string: StrShipToCompany Ship To Company*
string: StrShipToSalutation Ship To Salutation*
string: StrShipToAttention Ship To Attention*
string: StrShipToCareOf Ship To Care Of*
string: StrShipToFirstName Ship To First Name*
string: StrShipToLastName Ship To Last Name*
string: StrShipToAddress Ship To Address*
string: StrShipToCounty Ship To County*
string: StrShipToCity Ship To City*
string: StrShipToState Ship To State*
string: StrShipToZip Ship To Zip*
string: StrShipToCountry Ship To Country*
string: StrShipToPhoneNumber Ship To Phone Number*
string: StrShipToContactName Ship To Contact Name*
DateTime: DtmShipDate Ship To Date*
string: StrShipVia Ship Via
string: StrTerms Terms
string: StrSalesperson Salesperson
DateTime: DtmCancelDate Cancel Date
string: StrNotes Notes
decimal: CurFreight Freight
decimal: CurOther Other
decimal: DecSalesTax Sales Tax Rate
decimal: DecSalesTax2 Sales Tax Rate 2
string: StrMessage Message To Print
string: StrSalesTaxCode Sales Tax Code
string: StrSalesTaxCode2 Sales Tax Code 2
decimal: CurSalesTax Sales Tax Amount
decimal: CurSalesTax2 Sales Tax Amount 2
string: StrOrderType Order Type
string: StrWarehouseID Warehouse ID
string: StrDepartmentID Department ID
string: StrPricingLevel Pricing Level
DateTime: DtmValidUntil Valid Until Date
string: StrShipToContactMethod Ship To Contact Method
string: StrBillToContactMethod Bill To Contact Method
string: StrContactID Contact ID
string: StrEmail Ship To Email
string: StrPaymentMethod Prepayment Type
decimal: CurPaymentAmountPrepayment amount – This is required if strPaymentMethod is supplied.
string: StrOrderTypeOrder Type – Valid values are: Order, Quote, Estimate
Detail Columns

The following Order Detail fields listed below are supported. Columns that are not required do not need to be entered in the file.

Detail Column Type: Detail Column NameDescription
string: LineTypeRequired – value must be D
string: StrProductIDRequired – It must match an existing Paradigm Product ID
decimal: DecPcsOrderedRequired – Pieces Ordered
string: MemDescriptionDescription
integer: IntTaxableWhether or not the item is taxable – 1 = Taxable, 0 = Not Taxable
string: StrUnitMeasureUnit of Measure
decimal: DecWeightWeight
string: StrWarehouseIDWarehouse ID
decima: CurSalesPriceSales Price
string: StrColorColor
string: StrNotesNotes
decimal: DecLinearAmount1Feet value when linear measurements are in use
decimal: DecLinearAmount2Inch value when linear measurements are in use
boolian: YsnManufactureWhether or not the item is to be manufactured – 1 = Yes, 0 = No
string: StrCommentComment
string: MemBaseDescriptionBase Description
string: StrDepartmentIDDepartment ID
decimal: CurCostCost

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