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Posting a Transaction With a Zero Dollar Line

Why can’t I post a invoice if it has a zero dollar line item?

By default, invoices and orders are not postable when they have $0 detail lines, to prevent invoicing special order items without a price. There are two different solutions to this problem listed below.

100% Discount

This first way is to leave the sales price populated and instead give the customer a 100% discount the line item. This is the preferred method.

Company Preferences

If you would rather Paradigm allow posting invoices with $0 prices, check the box to allow it in System > Company Preferences > Sales > Limits and check the box “Allow Posting of Invoices with $0.00 Detail Lines”. 

Sales and purchase invoices will still show a warning, even if posting $0 lines is allowed: You are about to Post a Zero amount for purchase invoice [Invoice Number] Vendor: [Vendor Number], are you sure you want to do this?

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