Receipt Capture

This FAQ will go over how to use the receipt capture screen. Receipt captures are mainly created using the Paradigm Mobile app, but they can also be entered into Paradigm as well and do not require an image to be attached. More information on the app can be found here: Paradigm Mobile

Receipt capture can be found by going to Banking > Receipt Captures

Creating a Receipt Capture In Paradigm

To create a receipt capture, click on the green plus button and add an image of the receipt. Dragging and dropping one or more attachments onto the list view will create a a capture for each image. Then fill out the fields at the top with the information from the receipt. Most of the fields here are optional. Credit card charges need at vendor or payee and a withdrawal or bill needs a vendor ID entered.

Creating Transactions for Receipt Captures

To quickly create transactions for receipt captures, click the open all button [1] or select the receipt captures, right click and click “Open”.

Then enter the required information for it and choose to whether to create a Credit Card Charge [F1], Withdrawal [F2], Bill [F3], or to mark it as complete. If the receipt is not to marked as complete or have a transaction created for it, click the “Skip” button [F6] to go to the next one.

If a transaction is created and the box “Post transaction after creating” is selected, the transaction that was created is not opened. If that box is not selected, the created transaction will be opened after it is generated.

Once the receipt is marked as complete or a transaction is created for it, the next open receipt capture will be shown in the order of oldest to newest.

To link to an existing transaction, switch to the “Link to Existing” tab.

From there, select an account ID and then choose the transaction to link it to by click the link button highlighted below.

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