Splitting Orders

This FAQ will go over how to split orders in Paradigm.

To split an order, click the “Split Order” button in the header.

Then select the line items to be added to the new order. Note that only entire lines can be split, not partial quantities of a line.

Once the new order is created, it will be opened. Splitting the order retains the order number, but adds a number to the prefix: OE1, OE2, OE3, etc. The new split order’s release status will match the original order.

A note will also be added to both orders: Order Split By Username

The note on the original order will include the order total as well:

To find other orders related to this order, use the “View Related” button. More information on that can be found here: View Related


Even after an order is split, the prepayment amount will only be shown on the order it was received on. Prepayments on any of the orders that were split off of the same order will apply to ANY of those related orders. For example, if OE is split twice, into OE1 and OE2, prepayments made to the original OE will automatically apply to OE1 and OE2 as well when they are invoiced. This functionality can be turned off via a company preference if it is preferrable for the prepayments to only apply to the exact order they were originally linked to, despite any splitting.

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