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Customer Portal: Create Customer Web Logins

This FAQ will go over how to create customer web logins. The customer will use this login to access the Customer Portal.

To begin, go to the internal website. The URL for that can be found by going to Company Preferences > Setup > Paths.

Then log in with the administrator account (commonly: web_admin), click the dropdown in the top right corner, and select “Edit Customer Admins.” 

To create a new account, click “Add Customer” and enter the new account information into the fields on the pop up.

The Customer ID here uses the ID from Paradigm, not the name (use “DOEJOH001”, not “John Doe”). Emails are not required; they are mainly used to guarantee that users are unique. Enter the first and last name, or combination of name and initials with no spaces (JohnDoe, not John Doe). Having mismatched names may result in double billings. Once all of the information is entered, click “Save User”. Clicking the “Save User and New” button will save the user and keep the window open to enter another customer.

Account Details

To edit the customer details after the account is created, click on the “Account Details” button on the list.

App Settings

More information on the app settings can be found here: Paradigm Mobile: Overview

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