Discontinued Items

This FAQ will go over how to set items as discontinued (also known as “Inactive Items”), search for them, and how they are handled in duplicating invoices.

Setting An Item As Discontinued
  • To set an item as discontinued, go to Inventory > Inventory List.
  • Then select the item that needs to be set to discontinued.
  • Next, go to the Detail tab.
  • From there, check the box beside “Discontinued:” from the “Inventory Options” list.
  • Once that is done, a red bar will appear at the top.
  • Now the item will no longer show up when searching for products, but will still exist in the system.
Viewing Discontinued Products
  • To view discontinued products, go to the Inventory List and check the “Include Discontinued” box.
  • If an invoice is duplicated with a discontinued item in it, the item will turn in a comment, letting the user know it is discontinued. If a discontinued item’s product ID is used as the alias of a valid item, the code will be automatically swapped during duplication. More info on aliases can be found in this FAQ: Setting up UPC Codes and Aliases
  • It is suggested to remove old discontinued items after awhile or if they won’t get used again. This can be done easily by following this FAQ: How to Merge Items/Vendors/Customers

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