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Distribute Freight or Other

This FAQ is about distributing Freight or Other charges on a purchase invoice. It can be used on a purchase invoice to equally distribute a freight or other charge in the items costs. In the example below, a $100 freight charge is being distributed.

  • First, enter the freight charge.
  • Then click the “Distribute Freight” button highlighted below.
  • A warning will appear, click yes to proceed.
  • The total costs for the items will be updated, but the invoice total will remain the same.
  • The line totals are adjusted by adding a negative discount percent to the lines.
    • Each line will get the same discount amount, based on what percentage of the order total the Freight/Other charge was. In this case, the freight was $100 on a $1000 invoice, so the discounts get set to -10%.
  • Any small difference that cannot be reached by adjusting the discount on each line is retained in the freight/other field.
  • If the quantities or costs for the items are changed, change the discount percentage back to 0% in the transaction header, then redistribute the freight charge.

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