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General Journal Entries

How do I directly affect my General Journal Account balances?

1. To add a new Journal Entry, go to General Ledger > Journal Entries.

2. Add a new entry by clicking the green plus sign at the top of the list, and enter the reference information in the header. The reference needs to be descriptive of what the entry is accomplishing. Then select the date that the journal entry should affect.

3. Select the accounts that you need to adjust and enter the credit or debit amount. Double clicking the credit or debit column will auto-fill the remaining amount. Journal entries will need to have equal debits and credits before they can be posted.

4. After completing your Journal Entry, double check all information and then post it.

Special Cases

Certain situations may arise that require additional care when creating a Journal Entry.

1. Applying a Journal Entry to a customer account. Some cases will require a journal entry to be created that will apply to a customer account. To do this, select the Accounts Receivable account, then the select the customer to whom the amount needs to be applied in the ‘Name’ column. After posting the Entry, the amounts will show up on the customer’s account

2. Applying a Journal Entry to a Vendor account. Use the same process as #1, but with the Accounts Payable Account.

3. Adjusting Accounts Payable or Accounts Receivable. Use the same process as a regular journal entry, but check the box for ‘Correcting Entry’ for the AR or AP account. This will allow you to adjust the account totals without applying it to a customer/vendor account. IMPORTANT: This should only be used if the account balance does not equal the total of your invoices.

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