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How to Copy List Layouts and Saved Filters

Copying List Layouts

In Paradigm, it is possible to copy one user’s layouts and/or custom filters to another user. To do either, open System > Company Preferences drop down > Custom Setup, then navigate to the ‘Copy Filters and Layouts’ tab.

Next, select the button for ‘Layout’ or ‘Filters’, depending on what is to be copied between users.

After selecting the appropriate option, select a user from which to copy and a user to receive the new settings. The last step is to select the forms that will be affected from the list to the right, and then click ‘Copy Settings’. In the example given below, the layout that Admin has for the Production, Purchase Order, and Purchasing Agent will be copied to the test user.

Copying A Single Filter From A List

To copy a filter on a list to another user, click the edit button beside the filter dropdown. Then go to the “Filter Settings” tab and click the “Copy filter to users” button. More information on saved filters can be found here: Set Up Saved Filters (With Helpful Examples)

Then choose the users to copy and the filter to and click “Accept”. If a user has a filter with the same name as one being copied to it, the existing filter will be replaced with the one being copied.

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