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How to Discontinue a Batch of Items

To discontinue a batch of items, they must first have their stock set to zero. Once that is done, a list of those items on an excel sheet must be imported in a format that sets them to discontinued.

  • First, go to Inventory > Inventory Adjustments and click the green plus to start a new one.

  • Then enter in all the items that are to be set as discontinued, set the new quantity to zero, and post it. For a larger batch of items, using a physical count worksheet with a count of zero for each item may be faster. More info on that can be found here: How to do a Physical Inventory

  • Then create an excel sheet and list the product IDs in the first column, under a header labeled “strProductID”. Then in the second column, label the header as “ysnDiscontinued”, and then put a “1” in those rows like the example below.

  • Once that has been completed, save the excel file and open P9. Then go to System > Import/Export.

  • Then choose “Import”.

  • Next, select “Inventory”.

  • Then select the file type (In this case it was – .xlsx), and select the row that contains the headers.

  • On the next screen, select the “Update existing Inventory only” option and click the folder icon to choose the file.

  • Then double check that the fields are mapped correctly and click “Finish”.
  • Then this pop up will appear when the import is done, and the items are now to as discontinued. If any records were skipped, it means they didn’t import correctly and the changes weren’t made to it.

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