Inventory Discard

This FAQ will go over the Inventory Discard feature.

The inventory discard feature allows a user to remove items from stock that have been damaged and can no longer be sold, or otherwise cannot be removed from inventory. Say for instance, that an item to be sold happens to fall off the shelf and break. Because it is broken, no one will want to buy that item making it useless for you to keep around. But if you were to just throw the item away, your inventory numbers would now be incorrect. Using inventory discard you can remove the item from your inventory without having to manually create an inventory adjustment, allowing more users to be able to discard that item. To keep track of the discards, Inventory Discard will post the discarded item to the inventory discard default account from default account.

Inventory Discard

Inventory discard can be found by going to Inventory > Inventory Discard.

It can also be found by going to Production > Inventory Discard.

  • First enter the Product ID of the item that you wish to discard.
  • Then need to specify the number of pieces and the unit of measure of the item that is to be removed.
  • Next select the warehouse from which you will be removing the item.
  • Then you will need to fill in a reason for discarding the item and select your name from the Employee Name drop-down list.
  • Lastly click ‘Discard’ to remove the item from inventory.

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