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Inventory Import: Special Prices

This FAQ will go over importing special pricing data in Paradigm. More information on inventory import & export can be found here: Inventory Import & Export

This table contains the data found in the special pricing tab on an item.

Importing New Special Price Data

When importing new special pricing data, be sure to include the following columns: product ID (strProductID), unit measure (strUnitMeasure), begin date (dtmBeginDate), end date (dtmEndDate), and special price (curSpecialPrice).

When importing, select the “Update existing and add new special prices.” import option.

Be sure to not include a cntID column when adding new data. Including a cntID will update the existing record that has that ID, more information on that in the next section.

Updating Existing Special Price Data

The easiest way to set up an import sheet is to first export the product IDs you want to make changes to. Be sure to include the cntID and product ID column.

Then make the desired changes in the sheet and then import it back into Paradigm. Be sure to choose the “Update existing special prices only.” option when importing.


A common use case for this is updating special prices.

First export the cntID, product ID, begin date, end date, and special price columns.

Change the special prices in the sheet and then import it into Paradigm.

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