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Paradigm Mobile: Delivery

This FAQ will go over the Delivery feature in Paradigm Mobile, also sometimes called the Driver App. More information on the app can be found here: Paradigm Mobile: Overview

Deliveries for the given date and for the driver assigned to the user that is signed in will be shown in the “Open” list [1]. Completed deliveries will be shown in the “Completed” list [2]. Clicking the Google Maps button will plot the entire trip [3].

Delivery Detail

Tapping on a stop will display the delivery details.

  • Signature [1] – Tap on this to open the signature form.
  • Camera [2] – This will open the camera to take pictures, which will be attached to the order.
  • Complete [3] – This will mark the order as complete and will display the pop up show below. Verify the information and then tap “Mark As Complete”. The delivery will be marked as completed and it will be shown in the “Completed” deliveries list.
  • SMS [4] – This will open a prompt to send a text to the customer. The suggested messages can be customized, contact Paragon if you would like to change them.
  • Notes [5] – Click the pencil icon to view and edit the notes.
  • Tap to see items [6] – This will display a list of the items on the order.

Scrolling down will show the signature on the order and the attachments. Tap on the signature field to view the signature and click the green plus button to add an attachment.

Delivery Settings

Listed below are settings for deliveries that can be changed for the Paradigm Mobile App. Contact Paragon if you would like to configure any of these settings.

  • Driver Paperwork – This setting can control whether or not the trip is displayed in the app before the driver paperwork is printed.
  • SMS Message Templates – Standard templates can be added that appear on the trip screen that allow the driver to select a message and text it to the customer.  These messages can be customized, an example would be “I will be there in 1 Hour”.
  • Terms Messages – Messages can be configured on a per Order Terms basis to display a message to the driver.  For example if the order terms were COD, a message for the driver could be displayed that said “Payment Must Be Collected Before Unloading”.
  • Signing Terms and Conditions – A Terms and Conditions Message can be set up. This will appear in the trip Signature screen.  Example: “By Signing, You agree that all items were received in good condition”.
  • Typed Signature:  If this option is enabled, a typed name is required after collecting a signature.

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