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Physical Inventory Count with Lots

Physical inventory count with lots is very similar to a regular physical inventory count, except for the couple differences listed below.

Printing a Physical Inventory Sheet
  • To print physical inventory count sheet for lot tracked items, go to Inventory > Inventory List and select “Lot Tracked Physical Inventory” report from the list, then select the print button or click the preview button.
  • This will show the lots for each product that uses them. Lots with usage are printed first and if multi-warehousing is in use, one page will be printed for each warehouse:
Create Physical Count Worksheets
Importing An Excel File
  • The excel sheet must be set up without headers, with the product ID in the first column, count in the second column, and the lot name in the third column like the example below:
  • After filling in the Excel file, go to Inventory > Physical Count Worksheets and click the green plus button.
  • From there, click the “Import Lot Items” button at the top.
  • Then choose the file to import and it will be added to the sheet in Paradigm. Be sure the employee ID and warehouse ID are correct and click the save button.
Adding Items to the Adjustment
  • When running physical count analysis, the “Only Adjust Counted Lots” checkbox can be checked so that only the lots included in the worksheets will be adjusted. Any lot not included in a worksheet will keep its current stock quantities. If un-checked, all lots for the selected products will be adjusted to zero if they are not included in the worksheet.

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