Receive Inventory

How does Paradigm track inventory when the shipment is received from the vendor and the bill hasn’t arrived?

  1. Convert the Purchase Order to a Purchase Invoice.
  2. Enter the amount received in the “Qty Rec” column.
  3. Click the Receive button.

This is a Purchase Order for DCDBT20. Take note of the pieces ordered and pieces in stock.

Convert to a Purchase Invoice and enter the Amount Received in the “Qty Rec” column. Click on the Receive button. Double-clicking the quantity received field will automatically copy the quantity ordered to the quantity received. Another quick way to make lines received in full, is to select rows by the check box on the left and pressing “r”.

This will cause the quantity Available and the quantity Received to increase, but In Stock quantity doesn’t change. When the bill is received from the vendor, post the Purchase Invoice and the In Stock quantity will change. More information on inventory count columns can be found here: Inventory Count Columns

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