Receiving Material

This FAQ will go over how to receive material in Paradigm. It is important to receive the material into the inventory as soon as possible after it has arrived, so that Paradigm shows that it is available for sale.

  • Go to Accounts Payable > Purchase Invoices and click the green plus button to create a purchase invoice.
  • Once the vendor is selected on the purchase invoice, the open purchase orders for that vendor will appear.
  • Select the POs that are being received and click “Add POs” to add them to the purchase invoice.
  • Then fill in the amount that was received in the “Pcs Rec” column.
    • Note that double clicking the “Pcs Rec” column or selecting the line and pressing “R” will fill in the full received amount.
    • If only the partial amount was received for an item, enter the partial amount. The amount received will be deducted from the quantity ordered for the next purchase invoice.
  • Once that has been filled in, click the “Receive” button to mark the shipment as received.
    • This will update the amount in “Qty Received” column on the item.
  • To unreceive the order, click the button that now says “Un-Receive”.
  • The invoice can be posted once all the final costs are entered.
    • Once it is posted, the amount will be updated to the “Qty in Stock” column on the item. More information on inventory columns can be found here: Inventory Count Columns

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