Sensitivity Codes

Sensitivity codes can be created to set the maximum discount that can be applied to an item from a “Discount Sales Price” customer pricing method or from a category discount. Users that are set to “Administrator” level 1 can override these codes. This does not apply to price levels, special prices, or manually-set prices. More info on customer pricing types can be found here: Customer Pricing Types

To create a sensitivity code for an item, first open the item, then select the gear icon beside “Disc. Sensitivity Code” or select an existing one from the dropdown list.

If a new one is being created, fill in the max discount and description, then close the window to save it.

Then select it from the drop down and apply it to the item.

Now when this item is added to an order, the maximum customer discount that can be applied to it is 2%. For example, the customer on this order has their pricing set to “Discount Sales Price”, at a 5% discount. But since the “AAC” item has the sensitivity code set, the customer only gets a 2% discount for that item.

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