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Update/Install Paradigm

This FAQ will go over how to update or install Paradigm.

Updating Paradigm

For a Paradigm server update, Paragon will reach out and schedule a time for the server to get updated. After the server-side update is completed (typically after-hours), the workstations will automatically install the update the next time Paradigm is opened (typically the following morning).

After that, Paradigm will then close and install the update without needing Windows administrative permissions.

After the update is installed, Paradigm will reopen and will be ready for use.

If the Paradigm updater runs into any errors when installing, try restarting the workstation and then running the installer again. If this does not resolve the issue, contact Paragon Support.

Installing Paradigm

For the installation of Paradigm on the first workstation, contact Paragon Computing Solutions. Once the very first installation has been completed on a workstation, the steps below can be followed to install Paradigm on other workstations.

Downloading The Installer

The URL for downloading the Paradigm Installation File can be found by logging into an existing Paradigm installation and going to Help > Paradigm ERP Installer.

The URL needs to be sent to the workstation that needs to download the installer. After the installer is downloaded, run it and follow the onscreen instructions.

Server URL

The server URL can be found in the login screen on an existing installation.

It can also be found by going to System > Company Preferences > Paths

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