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Create Employee Web Logins

This FAQ will go over how to create employee web logins and Fulfillment Pro filters. Information on creating customer web logins can be found here: Customer Portal: Create Customer Web Logins

To begin, go to System > Company Preferences > Employee Web Accounts.

Alternatively this can be done by logging into the internal website, which can be found by going to Company Preferences > Setup > Paths.

Then log in with the administrator account (likely web_admin), click the dropdown in the top right corner, and select “Edit Employees.”  To create a new account, enter the new account information in the blank line at the top of the list.  Emails are not required; they are mainly used to guarantee that users are unique.  You can enter First and Last Name or combination of name and initials with no spaces (JohnDoe, not John Doe)- they must be unique.


Click the “Details” button to specify the abilities that the new employee account will have, define the password and configure Fulfillment. If a user is going to be using Fulfillment, be sure to check the “Fulfillment Employee” check box in Paradigm. Click “Save User” when finished. Note that the Salesperson, Customer ID, and Employee ID all use the ID from Paradigm, not the name (“DOEJOH001”, not “John Doe”). Also note that the name entered for any employee, must exactly match the name entered for them in Paradigm.


More information on Fulfillment settings can be found here: Fulfillment Pro: Employee Filters And Settings


Information on the app settings can be found here: Paradigm Mobile: Overview

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