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Adding/Deleting Bundles From Production

In order for a user to be able to add or delete a bundle from Production, they must have the permission to do so.


To give a user this permission in Paradigm 9 > System > and click on Security from the Company Preferences dropdown. Then click on the settings tab. Choose the username from the drop down list at the top and then click “Disallow Adding/Removing Bundles” under Production Security, to clear the check mark from the box.


In P10, go to System > User Security. Then from the user permissions tab, check or uncheck the box beside “Allow adding/removing bundles in production”. More information on setting up user permissions can be found here: Creating Users And User Security

Adding Bundles

Once a user has been given permission, they will be able to click on the icon beside any order number in Production, and it will then open a form that will allow them to add and delete bundles where they want to. They will also be able to rename any existing bundles by clicking in the description field.

To add a bundle, click on the add button and enter the name of the bundle.

To delete a bundle, click on the delete button.

Clicking on the pencil icon on a line will bring up the option to split it.

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