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Production Screens

Production has two tabs that can be used for producing any product (Work Orders and Component Production), and a third that is specialized for rollforming (Rollformer Production).

Work Orders

The Work Order list shows each open order at the top, and they can be filtered by any of the options at the top. Clicking on an order shows all of the builds for that order being produced at the selected machine. Clicking on a build at the bottom displays any attachments and the component list for it. This screen works well for producing everything needed for a single order (at a given machine) all one time.

Component Production

Component Production shows a list of the components being used by unfinished builds at the selected machine on the left, and selecting a component filters the list to just the products being made out of that component, which is most commonly used to make all of trim needed from a particular coil color before changing coils.

Rollformer Production

Rollformer Production is similar to Component Production, but with additional group levels for orders and bundles to mirror the way the panels will be packed. Locking, printing, and completing will effect all of the lines in the bundle/order at once, rather than needing to handle each line individually.

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