Admin Tips and Tricks

Data Utilities
  • More information on data utilities can be found here: Data Utilities
  • To verify that all of the prices stored in inventory items, price levels, customer special prices, inventory special prices, and all other locations are correct and have been updated properly with pricing methods applied, use the ‘Recalculate All Pricing’ button in the ‘Inventory’ tab.
  • Customers, vendors, inventory items, and GL accounts can be combined using the ‘Rename and Delete’ button in the ‘Misc’ tab. Customers and inventory items also have the option to do a batch update. More info on that can be found here: How To Merge Items/Vendors/Customers
  • Edit locks can be orphaned by crashes and force-closings of Paradigm. Use the ‘Clearing’ tab to clear these locks for a particular type of transaction.
  • When entering your check numbers for payments you have made, it is wise to begin them with one or two zeros. Check numbers are handled alphabetically, so the zeros help to ensure that they will always sort correctly.
  • You can copy saved filters and list layouts from one user to another in the Custom Setup form. Learn how to here.
  • You can adjust the starting numbers for your transactions, or change the beginning abbreviations in System > Company Preferences > Starting Transaction Numbers. Note: don’t keep this form open too long, or else the stored numbers that are displayed will be used, causing errors when closing the form.
  • Use the audit trail (System>Audit Trail) to monitor activity in Paradigm or to view the history of a transaction. This feature is available in the ‘View Related’ form as well, where it will be filtered to only audit trail entries for that transaction.
  • Each sales tax code in the system must be set as whether or not to tax ‘Freight’ or ‘Other’ charges that are entered in the corresponding field on the order forms. Use Accounts Receivable > Sales Tax Collected to change this setup.
  • The sales tax codes that are entered into an order can be automatically entered by Paradigm based on the ship to state. Click here to learn more.
  • The names that display in Fulfillment for your employees when completing lines is based on the ‘Nickname’ field in the employee’s detail tab.
  • For businesses with more than one operating location, GL departments can be used to keep track of cost and sales going to each location. Create the departments in General Ledger > Chart of Accounts > GL Departments and assign the Paradigm logins to departments. On each posting transaction, there will be a ‘Department’ field that can be populated to designate which department that transaction should apply against.

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