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Connect a Credit Card Reader to An EBizCharge Account

For information on configuring EBizCharge or other credit processors in Paradigm, go to this FAQ: Credit Card Processing Set Up

If the Device Manager is not visible in the EBizCharge Gateway, contact EBiz Support and they will provide the pairing key. 888-500-7798 x 1

This pairing process is valid as of July 2023, but is subject to change. This is not Paragon’s software, so please contact EBiz support for any assistance needed with this process.

  • Enter any preferred name for the device.
  • In Source Key field drop-down, select the appropriate API key.

A window should then pop up with a pairing key – enter this in the payment terminal where prompted.

Device Key

After pairing (in the EBizCharge portal > Settings > Device Manager), click on the newly paired device, and in the popup window, there will be a “Device Key” value listed.

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