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Disallow Manual Price Changes

In Paradigm, a setting exists to disallow a user from editing costs, prices, and discounts for lines on transactions in Paradigm.

Go to System > User Security. Then from the user permissions tab, check or uncheck the box beside “Allow editing pricing or discounts in orders and invoices“. More information on setting up user permissions can be found here: Creating Users And User Security

This will control whether or not the user can change the sales price, edit the pricing level, set a custom price level, costs, and discounts on the transaction line in orders or invoices.

Note: If this is disallowed, the user will still be able to edit the price in the following cases:

  • The product is priced at $0.00 in inventory.
  • The product is marked as requiring POs in its detail tab, and the PO has already been created for that line.
  • The standard discount button will still be allowed.

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