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How to Receive Inventory Items By Scanning Them

This FAQ will go over how to receive inventory items by scanning them. Once a shipment from a vendor has arrived, convert the purchase order for the shipment into a purchase invoice. In the header of the purchase invoice there is a scan button.

Clicking on this, will open this form and select the receive items checkbox, so that it can be used to scan the items that have arrived with the shipment.

Next scan the bar code on the item being received, and Paradigm will search through Product ID’s, Aliases, item UPC’s, and vendor numbers until it finds a match. In a case when Paradigm finds multiple matches, it will give a prompt to select one of the items from a list.

Once an item has been added to the list, focus is set back to the scan field to allow a user to scan one item after another without any intermediate clicks.

If there are several of a same item that was scanned, it will list them individually in the “Scan Items” window, but will add them together in the Purchase Invoice window.  You can also manually enter a quantity as well on the line in the “Scan Items” window.

Once everything in the shipment has been scanned, click “Accept”, and everything in the list will be added to the purchase invoice as “Pcs Received”.

Note: The quantity entered onto the purchase invoice will be based on the units of measure. In the case that the bar code scanned is an alias of the product, the unit of measure will be the one assigned to that alias. Otherwise, this form will use the purchase unit of measure on the item. If neither exist, the sales unit of measure will be used.

Scanning in New Lines

New line items can be scanned in by checking the “Add Lines” option. This will add the item on the purchase order once “Accept” is clicked.

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