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Make A Withdrawal

This FAQ will go over how to make a withdrawal in Paradigm. This is most commonly used for payments from the bank account that weren’t done via a check, such as an ACH or Wire Transfer.

  • To start, go to Banking > Withdrawals and click the green plus button to create a new withdrawal.

  • Select the correct bank account and GL department.
  • Choose the payee type (Vendor, Customer, Employee, or Other) then select the contact ID for the payment.
  • The GL account brought in by default when selecting the vendor is the expense account ID from the vendor’s detail tab.

  • Enter the withdrawal amount(s) and the account that it is getting withdrawn from, then click “Post”.
  • More than one detail line can be entered to split the amount across more than on GL account, as long as the amounts add up to the withdrawal total at the top.

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