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This FAQ will cover overpayments in Paradigm. An overpayment is when a customer or vendor pays or is paid more than the amount due.

Customer Overpayments

Enter the amount of the customer payment on the receivable in the header “Amount Paid” field. Select the invoices that are being paid. In this case, a $6,000 payment has been received for invoices totaling $5454.58, leaving an unapplied amount of $545.42.

When the receivable is posted, the user will be asked how to handle the overpayment and can choose to create an overpayment credit for the remaining amount. Overpayments can be used as credit to apply against future invoices.

Clicking “Yes” will post the receivable and create the overpayment credit, which can be seen by starting a new receivable for the customer and will show as a negative amount. Clicking “No” will cancel the posting and allow the user to make further edits.

Using An Overpayment Credit

When an order is started with the customer that overpaid, there is an “Unapplied Credits” field that the customer may choose to use.

More information on how to apply credits can be found here: Applying Credits

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