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Production Tips and Tricks

More information on the production screens can be found here: Production Screens

  • Production has two tabs that can be used for producing any product (Work Orders and Component Production), and a third that is specialized for rollforming (Rollformer Production). The Work Order list shows each open order at the top, and clicking on an order shows all of the builds for that order being produced at the selected machine. Component Production shows a list of the components being used by open orders at the selected machine on the left, and selecting a component filters the list to just the products being made out of that component, which is most commonly used to make all of trim needed from a particular coil color before changing coils. Rollformer Production is similar to Component Production, but with additional group levels for orders and bundles.
  • In the Work Order list, clicking the ‘Print’ button for an order will print all of the builds for that order, whereas clicking and individual build only prints that line.
  • The ‘Lock’ button on an order will become selected after all of the lines on that order have been locked.
  • Each form has a ‘Print Preview’ checkbox that can be selected to see what will print before doing so.
  • The size of each section on the work order list can be changed by grabbing the gray dividing line between the section and dragging it where desired.
  • In the Work Order list, for lines that have attachments (special trims, for example), use the ‘View Online’ button to preview that drawing on the website. Edits are not saved, so no need to worry about messing up the drawing!
  • In the Work Order list, use the pencil button to the left of a line in the detail to split off a certain quantity of that product to a new line. This allows some of an order to be marked as manufactured while leaving the rest to be produced.
  • In the Work Order list, the section of components in the bottom right has a pencil to the left of each component that allows it to be switched out for an acceptable substitute product if substitutes have been set up on that item’s ‘Alternative’ tab. More about substitutions can be found here: Inventory Component Substitution
  • Coil numbers can be captured every time a line is produced (this is configurable per machine, go to settings>Machine List and set ‘Capture Coil Info’ to YES for that machine). This allows you to use the ‘Production by Coil’ button to search for a coil number and view all of the orders that have been produced out of that coil.
  • In the Component Production list, the list at the left contains two special filter options– ‘Locked lines’ which only shows lines that have been locked, and ‘Stock Orders’ which shows any Manufacture Orders.

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