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Report Preview

When viewing a report, there a couple different options when saving or navigating through it. More information on running reports can be found here: Reports List

  1. Search for keywords in the report that are currently being displayed from this search bar.
  2. Shows the group tree on the left. This will display the groups and drill down levels in the report, and clicking on a group will open that list.
  3. Navigate between pages, or skip to the first or last page.
  4. Save or print the report.
  5. Run the report again with new parameters
  6. Refresh the report data.
  7. On some reports, double clicking on the report info will drill down to more info. For example, in the report pictured above, if the order totals section is opened, a list of each customer’s order totals will be shown.
  8. Brings up the Add/Search box and searches for the selected text.
  9. Opens the form for the selected text.

Report Shortcuts

  • F5 – Refresh data
  • CTRL+C – Copy the currently selected text
  • CTRL+P – Print report
  • CTRL+F – Go to the search box
  • PageUp – Go to previous page
  • PageDown – Go to next page
  • CTRL+PageUp – Go to first page
  • CTRL+PageDown – Go to last page
  • CTRL+G – Brings up the Add/Search box and searches for the selected text.
  • CTRL+J – This will by-pass the ‘Ctrl+G’ form, by opening the item returned at the top of the search list automatically, with out opening the search form.

More info on keyboard shortcuts can be found here: Paradigm Keyboard Shortcuts

Opening Report as Pop Up

To set reports to always preview as a popup, go to Company Preferences > Printing/Startup and check “Always open reports as popup”.

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