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Zebra and SATO Label Printer Set up

To access the Windows Printer Settings, go to Start Menu > “Printers and Scanners” or however it is termed in your Operating System and find the label printer.  Either “click > Manage” or click on the little arrow and it should take you to an option window where you can choose Printer Properties and Printer Preferences.


Open Printer Properties > Printer Settings and check “Always use Driver Settings”.

Also go to Printer Properties > Advanced > Printing Defaults – set your page size correctly.

Make sure the Printing Preferences > Options matches the above Printing Defaults.

Open Printer Preferences > Advanced Setup and check “Use Printer Settings”.


Open Printer Properties > Driver Settings > Settings and check “Always use driver settings”.

Then go to Printer Properties > Driver Settings > Configure Printer and set the page size correctly.

Also make sure that Printing Preferences > Page Setup matches the Printing Defaults (also is Portrait).

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