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Automated Functions in Paradigm

Many of the standard functions in Paradigm can be automated to save time and ensure processes are done in a timely fashion and not forgotten. Here is a non-exhaustive list of scheduled jobs Paragon has set up previously – if you would like any of these set up, or if you have an idea for another automatic task that would help your business, please contact Paragon support.

  • Scheduled sending of reports – any report in Paradigm can be set up to automatically be emailed on a scheduled basis.
  • Statement/Invoice Sending to Customers
  • Invoice Posting
  • Notification for Items below Reorder Points
  • Notification of Production Complete for an Order
  • Notification for Special Orders Not Yet Received
  • Notification for Items with Price Changes
  • Sending Order Confirmation Links
  • Move Rollformer Export Date
  • Set Standard Cost to Average/Current Cost

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