Batch Post Invoices

This FAQ will go over how to batch post invoices. This feature is to be used when a large amount of invoices need to be posted at once, such as all the invoices from the previous day.

  • To start, go to Accounts Receivable > Batch Post Invoices

  • Select either Invoices or Job Transfers from the batch post dropdown.
  • Then choose whether to post all invoices, invoices within a certain date range, or by Job ID.
  • Click the “Post” button to begin batch posting.
  • While the invoices are being posting, a progress bar will be shown. To cancel batch posting, click the red “X” button.
  • After posting, the following toast message will appear. If any invoices failed to post, they can be viewed by clicking the “View unsuccessful Invoices” button.
  • Display Message – Checking this box will display any error messages that appear when an invoice is posted.
    • If this is not checked, the invoices that have error messages will not post and the error messages for them will not be shown.
  • Override Credit Limit Warnings – Checking this box will override credit limit warnings. Most times this will be checked, since the invoices being posted are usually from the prior day and the customer already has the product.
    • If left unchecked, invoices with credit limit warnings will not be posted, and will show up on the error message list if it is enabled.

Posting Multiple from Invoice List

To post multiple invoices at once, use CTRL + Shift or CTRL + Click to select multiple. To select all, use CTRL + A. Open the right click menu and select “Post”. This is an alternative option to post multiple invoices at once.

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