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Cancel and Void

This FAQ will go over canceling and voiding transactions in Paradigm. It will also go over if it can be undone and how to find transactions that are voided or canceled.


When a transaction is canceled, the status bar will turn black and say “Canceled”. Any items that were released to production will be canceled as well and will no longer show up in Production. To “uncancel” the transaction, simply click the cancel button again and the order will be restored.


When an invoice is voided, the status bar will say “VOID”. The invoice can still be opened after it is voided, but it cannot be undone.

Finding Void or Canceled Transactions

To find a void or canceled transaction on a list, go to the list and click the edit button beside the filter drop down. Check the box beside “Include canceled orders”. (“Include Voided Invoices” on the invoice list.)

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