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Custom Attributes

This FAQ will go over how to set up custom attributes for a customer or an inventory item. These are used to record data that doesn’t fit nicely into an existing standard field in Paradigm, like external account numbers, IDs, or other custom data points.

Creating an Attribute

Attributes can be created by going to System > Company Preferences > Attributes Setup. Another way to create them for a customer or inventory item is by clicking the pencil icon highlighted in the images below.

First choose the attribute type from the drop down to select the form for which to create the attribute. Then enter the name, description, default value if needed, and the list item number. The list item decides which column that it will display in on the list. There are four columns available on the column chooser for custom attributes.

Viewing Attributes on A List

To view the custom attributes on a list, go to the list that matches the attribute type. Then open the column chooser and find the attribute on the list. More info on editing list layouts can be found here: How To Customize List Layouts

Assigning Attributes
Transaction Attributes

To add a attributes to a transaction, go to the “Status” tab. These attributes are editable even on completed or posted transactions.

Customer Attributes

Customer attributes can be added on a customer’s “Detail” tab.

Inventory Attributes

Inventory attributes can be added on the item’s “Detail” tab.

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