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Customer Portal: Importing An Order From An Excel File

This FAQ will go over how to set up and import an excel file into an order through Customer Portal.


To start, create an excel spreadsheet and enter the order info following the format and example below. Note: Do not use a header row in the excel sheet and be sure save the sheet as a CSV.

Customer Portal

Once the sheet has been created, create a new quote or order. Then select whether or not to import the descriptions (if unchecked, the descriptions from Paradigm will be used) and whether or not to remove existing lines. If remove existing lines is checked, it will remove all items on the order, and replace them with the imported ones. Once those options are set as needed, click “Choose File”.

Select the file and click “Open”.

After the file is opened, the items will be added to the order.

Product ID is Not In Paradigm

If an line in the excel sheet has a product ID that doesn’t exist in Paradigm, it will show up in the list as a miscellaneous item (MI) and the item that wasn’t imported will be in description.

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