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Employee Commission

This FAQ will go over how to set sales rep/salesperson defaults and outline the steps and considerations for getting a commission report created.

Assigning a default customer Sales Rep and/or Salesperson in Paradigm can be very helpful. If a default salesperson is set up on a customer, they will automatically be put on any new transactions for that customer. This can be helpful for knowing who is in charge of the order or who the customer’s contact is/was. The salesperson can then also be used to generate a commission report to aid in quickly calculating commission payments. Information on how to setup an employee as a salesperson can be found here: How To Set Up An Employee As A Salesperson

Sales Rep/Salesperson Defaults


To set a sales rep or sales person for a customer, go to the “Detail” tab. The salesperson dropdown will only display the employees that are setup as a salesperson, but the sales rep can be set to any employee in the system.


Typically when a new order is entered for a customer, the salesperson on that order will get set to the default salesperson from that Paradigm user’s User Preferences, but if a salesperson is specified on the customers detail, the salesperson from the detail tab will override the user’s default.

Sales Rep

If a customer has a sales rep set, the rep will automatically be entered in the commission field on the “Commission” tab.

Commission Report

Due to the many different ways a company may choose to calculate employee commissions, Paradigm does not have a built in commission calculator. Instead, commission calculations are typically handled by setting up a report that can look at whatever the preferred metrics are and then generate a commission calculation. Contact Paragon to have this report created, but take into consideration these factors prior to doing so.

  • Should commission be based on sales (posted invoices) or payments received during the time period?
  • Should it be based on profit or sales price?
  • Does only one person per invoice get commission?
  • Does everyone get the same commission?
  • Does commission vary depending on whether the customer is a new or a returning customer?
  • Does the customer type affect it?
  • Should commissions be totaled by the salesperson assigned to the order or the rep on the customer or the entries in the order commission tab?

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