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File Management & Attachments

This FAQ will go over Paradigm file management and adding attachments to orders.


  • To add an attachment or view the current attachments on a form, click the “Attach” button in the header.
    • Attachments can automatically be pulled in from a specified file when the attach form is opened. To set up the Auto Attach feature, follow this FAQ: Auto Attach
  • From here, the list of file attachments will be shown. Attachments can be added by clicking the “Add Attachment” button, or by dragging and dropping them into the popup.
  • Existing attachments can be added to the current transaction by using the “Link to Existing” button and searching for the order that has the attachment that is needed.
Drag and Drop
  • Files can also be added by simply dragging and dropping the file to the “Drop to Attach” section.
  • Once a file is attached, the paperclip will turn green in the header.
Detail Lines
  • Attachments can also be added to a specific detail line by clicking the paperclip icon on it.
  • Once a file is attached, the paperclip will turn green.

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