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Fulfillment Pro: Label Splitting

This FAQ will go over label splitting in Fulfillment Pro.

The “Split Label” option allows for labels that have already been printed to be split into several labels without needing to “Unlock” the line from the pull list, losing all the original pulling information.

The split label form can be accessed either by clicking the label icon beside a line in the pack builder and selecting “Split Label”.

It can also be found by looking up the order in the “Lookup” form and selecting “Split Label”.

The split label form will show either just the line you selected, if the label selected was a single item label, or all the lines on a multi-item label. Enter a quantity to remove of a certain line, then click “Remove” to mark the specified quantity as unpulled, or “Split Label” to put the specified quantity onto a new label with the same pulling information as the first label.

Splitting a label will give a prompt to print the new label, click “yes” to print out a pull label for the split label. The original label can be reprinted by clicking “Reprint This Label” in the Split Label form.

The new, split label will not be assigned to a pack, even if the original label was. Labels that have been marked as shipped cannot be split.

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