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Fulfillment Pro: Tracking Progress In Paradigm

The pulling, packing, or shipping status of each line in Fulfillment Pro can be viewed in Paradigm. Open the order, go to the “Trips/Pulling” tab, and click “Fulfillment Detail”. Each line on the order will be displayed, along with the back ordered pieces, whether the line has been pulled, packed, or shipped. The most advanced status is shown in the status column on the order, more information on that can be found here: Row Statuses On Order Detail

By clicking the dropdown in any of the last three columns the detailed information for that step can be viewed. Paradigm 10 contains a column in the order detail that displays who pulled the line.    

Additionally, the Fulfillment status for all orders can be seen at once by clicking the “Fulfillment Detail” button in the audit trail header. Some actions not tracked in the Fulfillment detail form may be tracked in the audit trail.

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